The Big Book Of Dating Rules

Dating is like chess; you either know the rules and abide by them, or you end up with one wooden piece and very little satisfaction. So, what can one do? Learn to play the game.
This isn’t a self-help book. I am not a psychologist, or a sex therapist, but there are a great deal of lessons I have learned the hard way, and would like to share.

Playing outside the rules can be tempting, but learning how to play by them is an art, and one that is worth learning. And trust me, it has a much better pay off.

Now, get out your pen and paper and start taking notes!

Hammock & Book


  1. Not to throw it in anybody’s face, but I am so glad I am married and not dating haha. Never was good at it and never really got into it. Dating my husband is quite lovely though and worth all the not dating in the world. Best wishes to the others on their dating quests. xoxo

  2. you have a fun blog! quite more entertaining and to-the-point that most advice-blogs i’ve seen.
    And, I don’t give compliments that easily, believe me. congrats!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog. (Quite an idea for a blog ( Laughing ) I shall use this unceasingly as I meddle in the dating lives of my two 20 something daughters….

  4. Interesting concept, good luck with your blog and your book, I am not dating but it looks like you have compiled a lot of information on different aspects of real life social networking. Thanks for the visit to my blog, I wish you well!

  5. Delightful read. Lots of insight, humour, advice to the wise (and the less wise.) You make one (me) think back over time and relationships, exercise the mind, and practice happy hindsight. Perfect place to be amused, informed, brought up to date (oops, update). I’ve bookmarked you so to return. One of my favorites. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for coming by today – I haven’t dated in quite some time (married 28 yrs now) but if I were…I’d stop by your place before making a single move! Your blog is a lot of fun to read, single or otherwise.
    We hope to see you soon,

  7. This is great! I actually collect old books on etiquette, sex, and how to please your man. Have you ever seen the advice in those books?? Yours is much more practical!

  8. Hi there –

    I saw that you visited our site recently, and I wanted to return the favor and see what you’re all about. I love your site – it’s so unique and I’m sure it’s definitely a BIG help to many of your readers. I remember going through a break up a few years back and desperately searching for the “rules” regarding communication with the ex and how to jump back into the dating game…I wish I’d had this blog for reference back then! Please let us know if you end up trying out our Tiramisu Italiano recipe; we’d love feedback.

  9. Thanks for the like on my blog post! I actually have a lot of dating/romance ideas, so you should follow me on Twitter – @holliegraceanne. Happy blogging! :)

  10. This a great idea for a blog! I look forward to reading more.

    Thanks for liking my post! (: Best, Michelle.

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