Rule #5- How to Avoid a Restraining Order (After a First Date)

Binoculars in a hedge

The most frustrating time during dating is the ‘in-between date tension’- aka IBDT, a very common problem that leads you down the path to doing very stupid things.

Or in its more commonly known form- Irritation with men/women as a race

Now, it doesn’t matter whether he hasn’t called because it has only been twelve hours, or because he just wasn’t interested… it is still very frustrating and far from fun. But remember, part of successful dating is staying level-headed and not getting upset over every little thing (this is not as easy as it sounds).

There are all kinds of man-types. There are # The sleaze bags (who are just too lazy to call),

# The guys who take bad advice  (whose friends told them to wait a week before calling).

The precise guys (who wait EXACTLY two days… not so long that they don’t seem uninterested but not so fast that they seem desperate),

#The nice guys (who waits just long enough before calling to tell you he had a lovely time and set up a follow up date)

# and of course ‘that guy’ (who managed to curb his enthusiasm a whole hour before calling)

And so many more that I have neglected to talk about….

All of the above DOES NOT MATTER!  Here is what you should and should not be doing.

Rules of Keeping Your Cool:

1. I have talked about Phone Tag before, this is very applicable here too! Call me old fashioned, call me whatever you want, but wait for the guy to call!

2. If they haven’t called after a week/not taking your calls, chances are they just aren’t into you. Just cut your losses and move on! They will probably die  alone.


Call them thirty times and leave him a dozen messages (that might come across as being a little too eager).

Go over to their apartment to see if they are still alive if they don’t call you/take your calls (real life isn’t Sex and The City and you are not Miranda, meaning he probably isn’t dead and that’s why he didn’t call)

Leave messages with their secretary, best friend and your friend who set the two of you up, demanding answers.

Freak out and have a meltdown over it (even if he looked like Brad Pitt or Mark Zuckerberg).

Dating is like a new job, the key to the whole business is to keep your cool, smile a LOT and pretend you know what you’re doing.


  1. hahaha! I actually did the first thing on your “DO NOT” list and was tempted to do the second one when I was dating a guy … Thanks for your insightful and humorous articles. I love the last line ‘Dating is like a new job; the key to the whole business is to keep your cool, smile a LOT and pretend you know what you’re doing’.

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