Rule #8- How Many Frozen Margaritas Are TOO Many?

Whisky Bottle

We all reach that comfortable feeling, on the third or fourth date, when we are ready to throw our inhibitions to the wind, and down a few alcoholic beverages.

It doesn’t matter if your motives are to loosen up a little, or get pissed; there is a fine line between being adorably tipsy, and talking incessantly about your pig of an ex-boyfriend (and getting increasingly upset with your date, for being ‘insensitive’, because he doesn’t want to talk about him).

Now, I won’t lie to you, there is a lot to be said for that first time you get really wasted together and attempt drunken sex. But in most cases, you just end up doing, or saying, things you will come to regret (this will result in you being way too embarrassed to ever see this person again).

So, how do you know when it’s time to set down your cocktail glass?

Rules Of Intoxication (on a date):

1. Have one drink! (Or two if you can hold your liqueur. Seriously, NO guy finds holding your hair back while you vomit a fun activity on a date).

2. It’s alright to use alcohol to loosen up a bit, but if you can’t have fun together without drinking you’re in trouble… (If you need to down at least two shots before you are willing to kiss the guy, maybe he just isn’t for you!)

3. Don’t mix drinks (now that’s just some good advice for life ).

4. The sex will NEVER be as good as you think it will be  (Don’t be the person who falls asleep during an attempt at drunken sex. Your partner will NOT appreciate it).

5. No one wants to embarrass themselves in front of someone they barely know! Trust me, it’s really hard to go back and fix that bad impression later.


  1. Oh! I am undone! How now will I coerce any lady into overlooking my squint and missing incisor? With this timely admonishment against over-indulgence, my most useful tool of misdirection is rendered ineffective. Can I tempt anyone to a small guinness, perhaps? No? Well, it was worth a try, I suppose. Grumble, wheeze, moan, hack…

  2. Great advise as well as on the insights of what alcohol can do to you and to the whole date event. How much is too much? Don’t really know but even one glass can make you say things that you may regret or not remembered. Can ice tea an alternative? I see reaction from the drinkers side of the aisle! Thanks for the visit.

  3. This is how I spent most of my teenage years! Not that I can remember much obviously. So glad its over now and I can act like a grown up, well most of the time!! Thanks for visiting my blog :D

  4. Def all good advice! drunken sex never seems to end well for me :p i don’t kno if it’s b/c i don’t have much of an alcohol tolerance & 1 drink usually gets me drunk (at least im a cheap date!) but the last time i tried that we ended up smacking heads together :p seeing as my balance sucks when im sober, i try to limit myself….

  5. I am finally learning my lesson about this. I used to be too nervous not to drink around my fiancé, and now if I get too liquored up I just turn into a crazy, jealous mess. Drinking is fun, but getting wasted and embarrassing yourself is not. From now on it’s only one or two for me and lots of water!

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