Rule #9- The Tease

Red High Heels

Teasing is fun and it’s a great way to flirt. Sliding your leg up his under the table, whispering dirty things in his ear, sending him racy e-mails at work; it’s fun, it’s exciting, and it heats up the mood.

But there is a fine line between amusing banter and physical frustration!

Now, don’t get me wrong, getting your bloke all riled up is a LOT of fun! But sometimes, we slip into the game a little too much.

Teasing is an art, and you need to learn how to do it properly (so that you both enjoy it!).

Teasing, Flirting; these are both great forms of foreplay, and

an amazing way to turn up the heat.

Rules of Teasing: 

1. Make sure your teasing has a point! If you don’t intend to sleep with him ever, you are just being mean.

If you don’t intend to sleep with him that night, dial it down; you want to send him home wanting more, not frustrated.

For example: do NOT spend an evening sexting a guy, and when he finally shows up, answer the door in your pink flannel pyjamas and force him to watch a chick flick with you (thank you Westwood for this great anecdote).

2. Use it to set the mood and keep things interesting in the bedroom; what it should be is a little extended foreplay… (And if you do not like having your neck kissed for forty five minutes, he probably won’t appreciate you tying him to the bed, kissing his lower stomach and then popping out for a smoke).

3. If you wanna spice things up you can try: naughty undies, elaborately inappropriate text messages, a little ‘accidental’ grazing during diner, or really anything else that gets the two of you going…


  1. Ooh, brings back memories….:-) How about phone sex, when continents divide? Teasing’s nice then too….:-)

  2. I have friends who are the WORST freaking teases. It’s absolutely horrible the things they say and do to get a guy all riled up, especially since they have no intention of sealing the deal.

  3. Ahh, in an ideal world.. Of course in reality, once the dreadful complacency sets in, one is lucky to receive an invitation greater than a suggestively raised eyebrow above the “Style” pages of the Sunday Times, which frankly, in these times of paucity, I am pitifully grateful for. I have tried, myself, to find my own masculine equivalent to the coquettish pout but alas it just looks as if I have a golfball in my mouth. Or mumps. And I did once linger in, what I took to be a seductive pose in the doorway in some splendid new boxers with my hat at a jaunty angle, but sadly, all my dear lady could manage was “That’s nice dear. Snug, aren’t they?” before returning to her knitting. I slunk away like a marionette with only half its strings still attached and flung my bowler dejectedly on to the hatstand in abject rejection. Perhaps I should, in hindsight, worn a fedora.

      1. Evidently not: I tried my most alluring look, wearig only a fedora perched at what I perceived to be a jaunty angle and wandered into to the bedroom where my dear lady was reading “Silversmith monthly” or some such. But unfortunately, the object of my desires merely glanced briefly up and told me in a dismissive manner that I made a poor hat-stand, having obviously (at that point) only the capacity upon which to place two hats, one quite small.

  4. Fonesex is a fun to rile up us guys but my honey has to do it regularly. I had a dame who was phoneying me but when a riled up me called up to fix up a date(spot), she acted innocent. And its 18 months since I talked to her.

  5. Q: My neighbor is seriously hot and is known to be a heart breaker. We flirt and exchange witty banter, go out in groups to bars and dinner where we both flirt with other people and each other etc. but he has never asked me on a date. I am known to give great massages and after he came over to my place to fix a leaky pipe he stated a massage thank you would be in order, he thinks I am all talk and that I would never follow through with massaging him, never one to back down from a challenge I agreed. A while ago we talked about us getting together but he stated since we were neighbors and friendly, nothing could ever happen, to which I also agreed. Massage time comes and I am dressed to kill in some jammies (Thank you VS) we exchange massages and things heat up. We begin to dry hump but I slowly pull back stating we can’t lose control as per our terms, he is fully on board. We don’t kiss, we don’t go past dry humping (clothes on) until he says he can’t it and wants to jerk off while I watch. I agree and after he goes I grab him a towel, thank him for a massage and leave. Afterwards we exchange a texts where he says I proved that I would be great in bed and I told him if and when we ever did end up in bed I would rock his world, and that the massage was just a preview. I am interested in possibly seeing if things would go further romantically but knowing that he is known to not settle down I want to keep his interest. Was I being too much of a tease?

    I would never rule out not sleeping with him but he makes it a point to say that we would never go past flirting but I’m not really sure what to think now after the other night…

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