Rule #10- Crossed Wires

Electric WiresWe all do it! Say one thing but mean another; send someone mixed signals. Half the time we don’t even realize what we are up to; but nonetheless, we are sending off confusing┬ámessages to the other person.

One minute you are REALLY into him

And the next, you’re not so sure

You can’t make up your mind, so instead, you confuse the hell out of the poor bugger…

Not being sure is part of dating, but there is a big difference between not being sure and driving the other person to the brink of insanity.

So, here are some helpful tips to help with your crossed wires problem.

Rules Of Being Clear:

1. Either keep it to yourself or break up with him! If you are not certain that he is what you are looking for, take a few days to mull it over or end it! Leaving him hanging is unfair to him, and in the long run will damage your relationship (uncertainty gnaws away at the two of you like flesh-eating bacteria).

2. Speak your mind about the things that bother you, but phrase it in a way that’s productive; meaning:

Don’t start the conversation off with: I’m not sure about you… Or, I’m having doubts about us…

Talk about the real problems you’re having and try to work through them.

3. Men can’t read our minds (shocking, I know, but turns out they really can’t) and they don’t always know what’s going on up there; so your mixed signals just come across as you playing games with them.

Men do NOT find the following things fun: Mind games, guessing games and hot and cold games.

(However, if your secret pleasure in life is playing games, try strip poker; it has a much more fun payoff in the end)


  1. This is why why women are construed as evil…. they say men play too much, but I say they’re the ones with the issue. I’m not sure they make an innocent version of a female anymore…They want a great guy, we give into thier whims only to pay the price by being sucked into their system… glad i have one less to bother with honestly….


  2. Oh dear.. I think we should divert from any temptation towards personal bitterness and acrimony by taking a moment to think about what games might be fun to play. Strip poker has obviously been mentioned, so we will leave that aside for now. As for guessing games, I disagree. There are some we men like: For instance “Hide the thimble”, paradoxically, becomes more fun the fewer items of clothing one has on (I am afraid I tend to be easily derailed by the simple statement “Its under your hat, isn’t it.” because it usually is. I really do need a new stratagem). The classic “Musical trousers” is always a firm favourite as long as the size difference of the participants is not too great and “making a cup of tea with two of you inside a big jumper” was quite fun.
    On the whole though, blowing hot and cold is greatly underrated depending on the area upon which one is blowing and the time of year.

  3. Musical trousers is a game that no self-respecting adult should admit to not having played! It is, much as its distant cousin, musical chair, a game involving n players with n-1 objects into which they have to fit. At the stopping of the music, one must hurriedly put on a pair of trousers and the one with no trousers on is mocked and hooted at mercilessly or unobtrusively slipped pieces of paper containing the telephone numbers of hopeful suitors, depending on the style, quality and cleanliness of undergarments. Indeed, I wonder you havent included this in your postings as one of the myriad ways of making contact with potential paramours.
    Of course there are risks: At one party, youthful exuberance resulted in one of our party gettingtangled in aparticularly troublesome set of flannels and falling head first through a Chippendale cabinet. We were all sent home to early bed with no cocoa.

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