Rule #11- How To Coexist On The Road


Now, travelling with someone is amazing, and difficult all at once, and I’ve decided to dedicate this weeks’ Rule to navigating the mine-filled waters of ‘travelling as a couple’.

Whether it’s your first long weekend together, backpacking across China, or just camping by a lake, there are some strict guidelines that are worth following in order to help make the excursion a success.

Rules for Co-Habiting (for short periods of time):

1. Communication (aka talking about expectations, problems,  and so on…); This exercises should begin in the preliminary planning stages, in order to avoid large blow up arguments, in which one, or both of you, goes home crying.

Talk ahead of time about what you would like to do (you may discover that while you want to go rock climbing, he really just wants to curl up in a quaint bed & breakfast).

Talk about MONEY, how much can each of you spend? What will you be spending it on?  Who will pay for what? Don’t let something like that ruin what could have been an amazing trip. If you both can’t afford it find something cheaper!

2. Is it too soon to go away together? Naturally, there is a big difference between the occasional sleep over and being together twenty four seven; but if you are at the point where you can talk about things that bother you, and enjoy spending time together, then you are good to go.

3. On a long trip take a few hours apart from one another every few days; this way you have some personal space and have something to talk about over dinner. It’s vital to be able to take a few ‘breathers’ on your trip; it isn’t easy being with someone all the time, even if you love spending time with them, and it’s important to know when it’s time for a break.

4. Have patience!  There is a very large likelihood you will discover a lot of new things about each other, some of them slightly, if not very, agitating; learn to let the little things go, after all, the objective of the exercises is to have fun and enjoy each others’ company.

(also, some couples just aren’t good travel buddies; next time you go hiking with your girlfriends, while your significant other spends a relaxing spa weekend with his buddies).


    1. Oh, and if it’s a road trip and your sig. other has bad taste in music, don’t bother. Actually, if their taste in music is terrible, and doesn’t approve upon being force-fed your obviously superior music collection, you should probably just dump them.

  1. Awesome – will take note of the fourth rule – if he doesn’t want to go to a fabulous beach holiday – invite a girlfriend – much more fun! Save the adventure holidays for him! (This is one I am still trying to learn as I try and drag sig other to a caribbean holiday and he protests much!!!)

  2. As someone who is planning on traveling across America with my girlfriend, I’m taking these points very much into consideration! We can spend a lot of time together but I know it will be tough. I especially like the idea of taking a couple of hours alone every so often. I think that’s one i’ll be suggesting haha.

  3. I love this title: How to Co-exist on the road, and the photos. I think I’ve been traveling for over 20 years now…

  4. Reblogged this on Lemonade Life and commented:
    Definitely agree with rule 2 (time apart), rule 5 (common enemy) and I’d like to suggest one other – always have your own money, phone & hotel key – so if you do storm off in a temper you can always find your way back to the hotel!

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