Rule #14- The Snuggle Buddy

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A few months into the new relationship, somewhere between great sex and late night TV marathons, we suddenly lose the will to ever leave the house (or his house). You suddenly begin to notice how comfy his new sofa is and the thought of getting dressed up and hanging out in bars seems foreign and another lifetime ago.

Why put on your adorable new heels when you can soak your feet in his tub instead?

So you slowly slip into a routine of early dinners and hanging out on the couch. You don’t talk to your friends as much, and late nights out suddenly seem a whole lot less attractive.

Now, this may not be such a bad thing; it means you are most likely in a great place as a couple and enjoying one another’s company. But there are also a few downsides new couples tend to overlook. These include;

Not making time for your friends, because of a new boyfriend, means that if something goes wrong in your love nest, they won’t necessarily want to make time for you.

Not going out means that you’re spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME indoors; it’s healthy to get out of the house, even if it’s just for fresh air and ice cream.

So, how much cuddling is too much?

Rules For Snuggling:

1. Hang out with ‘the girls’ one or two nights a week. Encourage him to hang with his friends (so that they can watch sports or give each other facials; or whatever it is men do when they’re alone).

That way, you will be able to come home to each other and have lots to share about your evenings (I mean if you spend 24/7 together what will you have to talk about? You were both there!).

2. Go out together, even if you have been dating for a while, it’s still good to get out of bed!  Go out with other couples/friends.

3. Don’t let yourselves fall into a boring rut; cook together, read books to one another; find things you both like to do that involve interaction and not the television.

4. Make time to have sex! Why? Because it’s fun, healthy and keeps the intimacy alive. (Also, make time to snuggle with each other after; its proven to reduce stress and cholesterol).


  1. All good things to remember! Having gone through the relationship rut, i’ve learnt all these things. Esp the friends point because when you need them, you want them to be there & you might need to talk to them about your relationship without them being bitter about it haha.

  2. haha so true! i recently discovered that it can def be fun and exciting to to out to bars as a couple. there’s less pressure b/c you know who your going home w so u can just relax, and it’s more fun too b/c u can laugh at all the crazy drunk people w/ your honey! :p

  3. Lol this is so ture. I loved this. I got so boring after a while and I stopped going out to the bar and hanging out with some of my gf’s because I was a “snuggle” addict. This post made me smile!

  4. Making enough time for friends is something people with new significant others should remember to do. As I told one of my female friends, “I was here before him, and I’ll be here after him.” But if I’m constantly ignored, like I don’t count anymore, then don’t expect me to be there when the relationship ends and you need someone to talk to.

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