Rule #15- Sexperimenting

via Nienke and Nienke, Author Michel van de Wiel fr

I promise I won’t try and convince you to overrun your bedroom with silicone toys, or turn it into leather dungeon (unless of course, you are into that!). Now, don’t get me wrong, one on one, no appliances involved sex, is awesome; but even the best sex life can use the occasional spice. Keeping things interesting has a bit of a taboo; are the two of us not enough? But if you can get past that initial worry, you will discover you can have quite a bit of fun experimenting with new things.

(And if you don’t like it, you never have to do it again!)

So take this opertunity to unleash (or leash) your racy side.

Rules for Bedroom Banter: 

1. Create a safe atmosphere, where you can tell one another what really gets your blood racing, and what new things you would like to try.

(That said, it is still unwise to spring it on him that you have a secret S&M fetish. You might need some build up to that).

That also means, you have to be accepting of whatever strange thing he admits to fantasising about. Keep an open mind.

2. If it’s toys you’re after, do your research! Make sure they are from body safe materials and from a licensed company and shop. Trust me, you can be cheap everywhere else, but NOT here.

Go to a ‘woman friendly’ shop; not one of those sleazy porn dens that sell a couple of toys for ambiance.  The most important thing is that YOU are BOTH comfortable with the place.

3. Have fun! If you’re not enjoying yourself it defies the whole exercise!

4. Start off slow; find something new you would both like to try. Have a glass or two of wine before to relax.


  1. Gosh! We have come a long way from the early tentative days of “the Date”! We are now up as far as the shine wearing off, which is I suppose as natural a consequence as one would expect.
    I must congratulate you not only on the sensitively worded post but also for the continuing tastefulness of the illustrations. You seem to be able to include images that are wonderfully evocative, usually erotic with being tacky. That’s a difficult line to tread and you have managed it admirably. I must admit that am moved to investigate purveyors of fishnet stockings upon this interweb, in the probably vain hope that I might persuade my dear wife to avail herself of them for my purely selfish delight.
    Interestingly, I was recently in an “Adult Emporium”, puzzlingly placed in the concourse of Munich airport, (I had some time to kill as I had finished my book). I was astonished to peruse some ENORMOUS parodies of the male reproductive apparatus. Surely, these must be intended solely for injudicious purchase by misguided male partners. At the risk of uncharacteristic indelicacy, surely it must be physically painful to use them in the way suggested? Or am I being naive?
    Anyway, another delightful post leaving me with a joy at the difference that continues to vive.

    1. As per usually, you never fail to make me laugh! I’m glad you noticed my attempts to keep the fine line between suggestive and tacky, it is not easy.
      As for large models of the male reproductive organ, commonly found in ‘those kind of shops’ I will here admit that the same thought goes through my head when I see them.
      I hope all goes well with the stockings petition!

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