Rule #17- The Nurse


Don’t get me wrong, there is noting more attractive than a runny nose, a raspy cough, and a temperature (the kind that makes you sweat like a pig and wish you were dead). At this point, the very last thing that you want is for your new boyfriend to see you in this state.

Now, it may be true that surviving the joys of food poisoning together is what makes for a good friendship; but I can tell you from experience, it does nothing for your self-image.

Personally, I’m quite happy ‘to play the nurse'; bring soup, tissues, a tourniquet. But when it comes to me, I HATE being around other people when I’m under the weather.

Being sick is just part of life, but should it be part of your relationship?

Rules for a Healthy Relationship:

1. People like being taken care of, men in particular (I’m sorry my dear gentleman, but this is true). Now, you don’t have to go all Jewish mother on him, but a little T.L.C goes a long way. 

2. Letting someone take care of you when you’re sick, is really letting your guard down and allowing yourself to be vulnerable around the other person; while this might not be a big deal to you, it’s important to acknowledge that it might be to your significant other, so take it easy on them.

Being around someone who is sick might expose you to a whole new side of them, be accepting (even if he does act like a five year old brat when he’s ill).

3. Be understanding; if he doesn’t want you around, wish him a speedy recovery and tell him he can call if he needs anything.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to know someone is worried about us (and not just our mother).


  1. this post reminds me of the ‘sex and the city’ episode where charlotte and harry experience food poisoning after a romantic evening on the town! once they hit the bed, it certainly wasn’t romantic! i’ve never in my life experienced anything like that, but i’m sure that maybe one day it shall happen! i will try to avoid it, though! (food poisoning and the public display of sickness in front of a fellow!). haha!

  2. Another great post about the fun and pitfalls of relationships. I love your writing style. And the photos certainly compliment the article. Cheers!

  3. True true true! Charlie just loves being looked after and I think I am the one who likes taking care of others :) Sometimes I am thinking I am being too kind and try not to spoil my bf too much, but when one of us get sick, we ‘jump around’ each other :D

  4. Oh my.. i cant start saying how difficult it is to experience being sick with your other half for the first time… I avoided last year but now, 2 years on the game it happened that we both fell sick..and now everyday each of us gets better the other gets worst and we kiss.. so we end up being sick again…! and i should know better having studied med…. oh dear.. we just smile and say..sick for two… as long as those germs die..we ll be ok:P

  5. The second photo is simply hilarious! It’s the worst, one person being sick and the other not. When that happens I feel like I can’t just say let’s go out and do x,y and z because I know how it feels to be sick.

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