Rule #20- P.D.A- Please Don’t!

via Chris Ruggles Gardenlovers

Does this look familiar? 

Does this make YOU feel uncomfortable? 

Honestly, I find this scene a little bit in-descant. Personally, I find all public displays of affection inappropriate, but for the sake of the post I will do my best at staying objective.

You have met your other half, your soul mate, your perfect fit, wonderful! You want to let the whole world know  how happy they make you; so buy a billboard or add space, don’t straddle each other in public!

Now, we aren’t living in the eighteenth century and you are not expected to keep a ‘safe distance’ from your love interest at all times. But at what point does cute become inappropriate? 

Rules for Intimate Interaction in Public:

1. Keep kissing, stroking, and crotch fondling to a minimum in public (yes, I have seen people do that and it has scarred me for life).

All of the above just make everyone around you feel uncomfortable (or jealous)  and it takes away from that fun sexual tension that is much better saved for the bedroom (you will have much more fun ripping each other’s clothes off after an evening of alluring glances and over active imagining).

2. Feel free to hold hands, hug, peck on the lips, and try out any other form of none invasive activity that strikes your fancy.

3. If you were watching yourself would you cringe? If the answer is YES, stop whatever it is you’re up to!

Fooling around is awesome! So awesome in fact, that there is no reason in the world to share it with anyone else but each other. 


  1. That is so damn right, thanks for saying this clearly!

    There’s one more point to it: looking somewhere else doesn’t help the people around, because they still HEAR the heavy breathing and kissing… and still feel disturbed

  2. ‘If you were watching yourself would you cringe? If the answer is YES, stop whatever it is you’re up to!’ – i feel like this should be handed out on a leaflet at the entrance to all pubs/clubs/bars.

    Also, PDA on Facebook. Urgh. Don’t even get me started on that!

  3. I couldn’t agree more!!! Our local Renaissance Faire which is a “family” event has turned into who can wear the least amount of clothing and get away with the most amount of “fun” without getting thrown out! Shame.

  4. Great rules here! But if they want to do such things, do it in public where people aren’t looking. Still has that excitement in it. But then they aren’t showing off, which could ruin the point of the PDA, I guess. Love your blog!

  5. oh, i love this post so much! public displays of affection are, indeed, one of the tainting principles of my asexual disposition. i just like for things to be 1940s and pure, clean, and lovely. i hate modern civilization, pertaining to sex, because of this sexually ravenous atrociousness! thank you, yet again, another lovely post! bravo! x

  6. Thanks for the recent Like.
    All black and white photos on your blog….nice.
    What happens when you have a color one. Do you convert it?

  7. Public PDA is fine with me.. I consider that to be a peek kiss here or there or maybe a hug. But when you want to damn near have sex in a public place where everyone else is.. then there’s a problem lol

  8. and where’s the fun, if it’s not done according to the push of the moment? ;) as to kissing, anywhere and any moment are the right ones to me.
    and oh, i find the bedroom is one of the most boring places in comparison to the variety of alcoves available, if only fantasy and playfulness are alive.
    unless it is some other man’s bedroom – but that’s another story :)

    ciao u there, thanx for liking my blog.

  9. I see you liked my most recent blog article about Profusion eye shadow palette. Thank you so much! This is a cute article and I love the old fashioned pictures you used. I agree, PDA needs to be limited, I do enjoy giving my fiance a quick peck in public though, I think there’s something so romantic about it. I plan on doing more beauty/fashion themed reviews in the future so you might want to bookmark my blog or even subscribe! I also did a couple articles on the topic of dating and blog about other stuff as well.

  10. I have seen heterosexual couples copulating at the beach, on a dance floor and in a cinema. I think excessive PDA is the result of a “look at me, look at me”, desperate need for attention and an obsession with watching and being watched. I think they also kinda enjoy knowing that they are embarrassing some watchers, so maybe we should start hooting and hollering every time we see a couple playing tongue hockey or going for the grope in public. Hand holding and hugging in public is spreading the love vibe…awesome as long as we allow all couples to display this kind of intimacy. Love your blog, by the way :-)

  11. I agree! Wonderful post! Love your last line, “Fooling around is awesome! So awesome in fact, that there is no reason in the world to share it with anyone else but each other.” SO TRUE! :)

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