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A few month ago, The Book (I love talking about myself f in the third person) had The Worse Date EVER Competition (if you haven’t participated yet, it’s about time you click on the link and tell us your very own horrifying tales!).

Recently, we discussed the following strange and wonderful topics: keeping Secrets and ‘Single Behaviour‘ (things that we don’t tell our partners). 

You’ve been there; that long, tense, awkward moment, after your partner shares something with you, something you may have not wanted to find out, EVER . (Or would have really liked to know in advance, before ever agreeing to go out with them).  Hell, we’ve all been there!

I believe in quid pro quo, so I will start off by telling you one of my stories. But because I do still have my reputation to maintain, I shan’t tell you something awful I’ve done, but rather a strange third date revelations that caught me completely off guard.

Many years ago, when I was still young and naive, I met a lovely guy through a friend of mine. We bonded over a beer, and at the end of the evening he walked me to my bus stop (such a gentleman).

A week later, he asked me out to a film, and we met up. He worked as a personal trainer in a local gym, and was quite good looking, if I may say so myself (at least that’s how I remember him; after all, it’s been a while). He showed up dressed in one of those tight shirts, that really accented his abs (I know what you’re all thinking: god, she is SO predictable, it’s obvious he’s gay! We’ll you are wrong, so keep reading).

I had a lovely time with him, and I was really starting to like this guy. On our third date he bought us ice cream and we were sitting on the steps outside city hall. At this point, he very casually decided to tell me, that in addition to working at the gym, he also has another job. He moonlights as a male stripper! 

Being young and smitten, I tried very hard to seem cool with the whole thing. So I smiled, and made some kind of laid back, nonchalant, remark about being fine with it.

Awkward! I mean, really awkward moment!

Now it’s your turn! Tell us your worst/strangest/juiciest story.

Are you getting excited? I am! So pull up your keyboard and do some sharing. (I did preach against gossiping a while back, but seeing as none of us know you, it’s probably alight).


  1. I spent a summer in France with a cousin. Me 14 he was 15. And there was a girl who seemed to fancy him not me… Anyway he was too shy to buy condoms from shop so I agreed to get them for him. Wimp (him not me) To cut a long story short he then got caught in flagrante by his Mum. The girl was sent away in disgrace. I always wished I had pushed my luck. She was worth being sent home for. Never saw her again. Youthful regrets. ….

  2. I really liked this older guy when I was in high school and was so happy when he asked me to his senior prom..but at dinner he ate onion rings then later that night tried to kiss me and I pushed him off so fast .. I felt SO bad but I just couldn’t handle it I felt like I was eating onions! GROSS! Talk about awkward he even asked me what he did wrong…

  3. We are amused :)
    Worst date? The guy paid for my movie tickets, because I couldn’t break a large note. At the end of the date he asked to be reimbursed. Oh, and in the middle of the film he got into a fight with the women sitting next to us. Then he wanted to go and ask for our money back after the movie ended. As far as I remember it was The Blair Witch Project. Confusing evening.

  4. I dated a martial artist once. He was very skilled in Judo, and he loved showing off his muscles and techniques. One day, he decided to teach me a Hip Throw. Just before I threw him to the floor, he told me to “follow up” by bringing myself down with him. I had no idea what this meant.

    I tossed him over my hip, he landed hard on the floor, and I followed up by falling on his face – my knee crushed his nose. It was a total accident. But it was unbelievably awkward.

    One day, not long after that incident, he got me back by tackling my legs. He was chasing me around the kitchen, I kept telling him “don’t do it! Don’t do it! DON’T DO IT!” and he dived for my legs, and I fell onto my ass, and farted so loud it seemed to echo in the kitchen. He’s never laughed so much before.

    I died of humiliation that day.

  5. I can’t figure out where else to leave a general comment so I’ll do it here. Your blog fascinates me. Normally this stuff is the territory of Cosmo or other teen/young adult magazines. And normally the questions are predictable and the answers more so. But yours is different. The questions are fun and engaging, and 100% relatable. And although I think your opinions are much more conservative than mine, it is refreshing to see a different, non-mainstream perspective and a point of view that you obviously believe in very much. Thanks for writing, thanks for liking my blog post earlier, and I might just jump back in later with a story or two to share ;)

  6. Oh wow. I’ve been married for 13 years so my most awkward dating moment is a little old. LOL. When I was 16 and thought I was SO cool my friend and her boyfriend wanted to set me up. We all went out on a double date and he was nice enough. I mentioned us all doing something and meeting at the other guy’s house. I said something about maybe he could pick me up and he responded “oh, I don’t drive yet, I’m still 15″. Of course I just got QUIET and the whole moment was sad and awkward for the guy. As to be expected, I never did go out with him again!

  7. So what’s wrong with being a male stripper??

    Oh dear….the peep’s been at the computer again. Thanks for liking my post today! (She liked your post today and is trying to think of a date story to share. Me? Not so much…never been on one. I had a snip job before I tried it out. Sigh.)

    ARROooooo! Stuart

  8. I love reading blogs like this and even contemplated making one myself because I, now at 30 and a single parent, am back on the dating scene. And I have met some characters! (Thank you for liking one of my posts BTW). So one of my awkward dates was the first one I went on after starting to date again.

    So I am outside waiting for my date to pick me up. My next door neighbor, whom I’ve rarely talked to since living there, came out and offered me some wine. (this story is coincidentally the first bad wine experience that was listed on the blog post you liked haha). I’ve never really drank wine before so I had two glasses of Cabernet while waiting for my date. Little did I know what wine, consumed at that speed and amount would do to me. He calls me and wants to know how to get into my gate. So I told him I’d get in my car and go let him in. I went to stand up and realized I could no longer walk. Bad sign #1. So my friend gets in my car and drives to the gate. I ask him, which car is you? His reply, “The black ferrari.” Bad sign #2. So we drove back to my house and he got out. Cute, like I thought he’d be and since I am now sloshed on accident, my friend invites us on her porch for more wine. So I accept because there was no way I was leaving with him in my condition, so we went up. He seemed very nice and talkative and sweet. So we leave and go in front of my house and the man freaking started trying to get in my pants (literally..). It was horrible, this sex monster came out of nowhere, and by this time, I wasn’t so tipsy anymore. At first I thought he was just being over excited but then he was starting to be forceful. I was able to get him to leave. And that was the last I saw of him. NOW, that doesn’t seem all THAT odd, except that was not the last of him. He and I had chatted several times over Yahoo before meeting(I know old school aha) and so he continued to try and talk to me like nothing happened that night. And THEN the weirdness happened. He apparently has this…religion that makes him believe we are merely pod people and our real lives are in the stars and our terrestrial mothership is coming to take all of her children away from our “hosts” and wanted me to “CONFORM!” so that we could be together in the other life because we are nothing here on Earth. I’d love to think he was just being a jerk and making this up….but he wasn’t. I found the mayor of Batshit Crazy Town. Gotta love dating.

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