Rule #29- Caught In a Bad Romance

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Do you guys know what this week is? It’s The Big Book of Dating’s first birthday! I really can’t believe it’s been a WHOLE year!

It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it?!

At any rate, my blog’s birthday made me think of birthdays in general, and how we choose to celebrate them.

What better way to commemorate a special day than an over the top romantic gesture?

Now, before I go on with the post, there is something you should know about me. I REALLY, and I mean REALLY, hate the ‘romantic stuff’. I’m just that cynical.

Guys have honestly done the sweetest things for me. I’m talking picnics, boat rides, stuffed animals, and I even got serenaded once (I have to fight back a little bile while remembering these wonderful  instances). Romance (in it’s traditional form) is just not for me. 

All I really ever wanted was my favourite strawberry ice cream (in bed), and for someone to remember that I really can’t leave the house in the morning without a cup of strong coffee.

Rules for Romancing:

1. Know your audience. Everybody sees romance differently. For some of us it’s the simple gestures. Others like more extravagant shows of affection.

But at the end of the day, you shouldn’t go for the generic things you feel someone should like, bur rather things you know they will. Go for things you both enjoy doing together.

2. Be attentive. When you want to do something nice for someone else this is the way to go about it. The nicest things people have ever done for me have been because they paid attention to what I like. 

3. The small things count! All those little nice things you do for one another. Buying him his favorite dessert when you go shopping. Picking up some dinner for her on the way home, because you know she’s swamped with work and didn’t have time to eat.

A candlelit dinner twice a year is fun, but it isn’t what keeps a relationship going. It’s those sweet day-to-day things that show you care.  


  1. Only thinking about this blog the other day and that you hadn’t written in a while. Great post and yes definitely the little things keep everything together. My ex just did the few days of the year hence now my ex :(

  2. The Big Book Of Dating. This really lovely and so true. It is indeed the little things that matter everyday. For me, a great reminder not to wait for the big things like Birthdays and Easter and Christmas, but just that one call in the day to find out how your partner is! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great post! So so true… Happy 1 year anniversary birthday! Hope it’s been a great year–since I’ve just become acquainted with your blog. Wishing you many more to come!

  4. Happy Happy birthday! I am very much enjoying your blog. I laughed at the rule ‘know your audience’ oh how important it is?! I once dated a guy who played the guitar and tried serenading me with a song he wrote for ‘us’. I couldn’t stop laughing whilst he was doing it, it just wasn’t my thing at all but I think he expected me to melt… needless to say, it was a short relationship…

  5. Happy birthday/anniversary! I love your blog! Than you so much for stopping my mine! :)

    Yes… the simple things that come from the heart, not from the pocketbook!

    The simple things that show you know what is in my heart… that is what matters most to me. Do not do extravagant… I am not that type. You want to bowl me over? Surprise me at lunch with my favorite dish from my favorite Thai food cart… don’t make reservations for two at Morton’s. A single perfect red rose will mean so much more to me than a roomful of flowers when we have had an argument and you are apologising to me even though the fault was shared.

    I am a romantic… just not a “sweep me off my feet and jet me to Rio or Rome for the weekend”.

    You really want to show you love me? Bring me coffee in bed… and don’t mention that perhaps that fourth margarita was one too many. I know it was… my head knows it was! :)

      1. Oh, I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to Rio, don’t take me wrong… just that, as romantic gestures go… sweep me off my feet with simple. It would be rather ungrateful of me though not to go if my honey went to all the trouble to plan it, I suppose. The ‘sacrifices’ we make, yes? Lol!

        Maybe I’m not as big a romantic as I think I am… I’m thrilled with a weekend at Cannon Beach! :)

  6. Hello! congratulations on your first year!! I am married, but I still feel like I’m dating! My husband still picks up flower for me just because and leaves me little love notes ;) I think we are going to alter one of your suggestions to candle lit dinner on a stand-up paddle board in the harbor!! So romantic!

  7. Happy blog birthday! I love your book, I think you’ve got an awesome idea, at first I was Like “this is so hilarous! but then Oh…interesting,oh and true, aha..this is really interesting hahaha :)

  8. Thanks for dropping by and liking my post hun :-).
    Nice blog! all about relationship, romance , love . I think I will be a regular visitor here. haha I’ve been single for 3 freakin years lol and this blog I think will help get the relationship I want. btw
    Belated Happy Birthday to your blog! Keep rock-in baby!


  9. You don’t know how wonderful it is to know that I’m not the only one who finds all the overly sentimental fluff overwhelmingly nauseating. Thanks for sharing!

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