Rule #30- Theatrics

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Drama. We all love it. We love watching it on the television, one table over in the coffee shop (you know, that couple making a very loud scene). It’s natural to want to spice up our lives with a little bit of it.

It’s just one of my little vices, I can’t help  myself, routine is just so dull. Now, you have to understand, I’m not a particularly dramatic person myself, so in order to compensate, I land myself in the most overly-complicated situations (not deliberately of course).

I fee like sharing some of the stupid things I’ve wound up doing might burn my credibility irreparably. So you will have to forgive me for not sharing.

Rules For a Drama-Free Dating Environment:

1. Don’t make a scene. Argue Properly. Also, fight at home! Don’t be ‘that couple’, in the kitchen, at a party, that all their friends spend the whole evening pretending not to hear what they’re saying.

2. Try not to jump to conclusions. That’s how most overly-dramatic arguments start. (Whenever I think of conclusions, it always reminds me of a scene in The Phantom Tollbooth;  Milo and his two companions make a silly assumption and find themselves stranded on the island Conclusions. With no way off and have to swim to shore.).

Before making up your mind about something, and letting it ignite a huge fight, make sure you have all your facts straight (or you too, may up stranded in a very unpleasant situation).

3. Avoid hurling sharp objects. That’s just good advice in general.

4. Don’t, and I mean  DON’T, under any circumstances, tell the other person they are being dramatic. Telling someone they are blowing something out of proportion will just make everything a lot worse. All feelings are valid! We are all entitled to feel strongly about something from time to time; even if someone else might not understand why.

A guy was once over an hour late picking me up. If there is one thing that gets my blood boiling, it’s people who are late. So I just left, went home, and refused to take his calls. He really didn’t get why it had upset me. 

Different things upset different people and part of being in a relationship with someone is accepting and respecting that fact.


  1. My ex guy was always late, although I think it is totally rude, some people have no clue. Solution: I would not begin to get ready for a date until the slotted time, that way I wasn’t sitting around just looking pretty and thinking – gee I could have finished doing what it was I stopped doing to get all gussied up. His other qualities kept me around for 12 years.
    Love reading you entries.

  2. You wanna get me started on what boils my blood hon?! A guy who says he can’t meet up with you cose he’s too busy with work and other stuff going on in his life right now, and than you see him online on a dating site a little later, which makes me a prime candidate to get his testicles removed immediately. No man is that busy not to be able to meet you, specially when you live just 20 mins away by walk.

  3. Love your blog. Looking forward to following.

    I’ve had enough life experience to have learned that if a relationship turns toward the dramatic,and stays there, it’s time to say buh bye. Life is too short to be tied up with the Mr. or Ms. Wrong when Mr. or Ms. Right may be right around the corner.

  4. Definitely “avoid hurling sharp objects”!! Very funny. I recall visualizing doing just that when confronting my ex-husband about his mistress…hmmm…on second thought, maybe I should have hurled a sharp object! Fun story. Thanks.

  5. Really nice article..I have no idea how it would feel like to have a public row lie that specially in fornt of and my husband we never fought..we never had an argument..of course we disagree but we just debate and talk it through..communication is key here..btw I love the pics as well :)

  6. I love the advice of “don’t be ‘that couple’ in the kitchen.” Made me laugh out loud. We’ve all been there or know someone who has. So awkward to peruse around a fighting couple at a party. Hysterical blog, I love it.

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