Rule #39- Good Vibes

via c. kennedy garrett

via c. kennedy garrett

Well, we haven’t spoken about sex for three posts, so naturally I had to revert back to the topic (what can a girl do?).

So today we are going to be talking about sex toys. I know we’ve touched on the subject a couple of times, but I felt it was a discussion worth dedicating a post to…

Because sex toys are awesome!

While vibrating butt-plugs aren’t for everyone, sex toys are slowly becoming more and more commonplace, but our consumer knowledge of them might not be keeping up. 

On the one hand they still have a little taboo attached to them, but on the other hand, many people are buying them without the proper research. Moreover, the shops themselves really are no help because they don’t always list those important need to know facts on their products.

Be it if you’re shopping for yourself, to use with others, or as a gift for a friend, it’s about time we all become better buyers.

1. Research! I would suggest online shopping, mostly because websites tend to list what the toy is made of, its pros and cons, how to clean it, and other important stuff like if you need to use a condom with it, does it work on batteries, or do you plug it in, and of course, how to use it (A good sex-shop will list these things on the packaging).

Is it hypo-allergenic/latex free/non-porous/phthalate free/medical grade silicone?!

Don’t buy anything that doesn’t list these things!

2. Read product reviews, they are always a helpful tool. 

3. If you have more than one sexual partner, make sure you are using your toys with protection/cleaning them properly.

(You should probably clean and store them properly even if you are the only one using them…).

Also, to be fair, your significant other might not be too pleased that you used the item in question with someone else; sometimes it’s just a better idea to get some new equipment. 

4. It’s advisable to steer clear of items marked novelty  (unless you’re on the prowl for phallic bookends).

5. I try to live my life according to the motto: “if you don’t know where it’s been, don’t let it near your private parts…”

Only buy stuff from approved companies/licensed shops, in its original packaging. 


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